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Keyscan's System VII Access Control Management Software is available in a Standard Package with four add-on options so that you only pay for features you need. Easily add any of the optional packages whenever you chose by merely calling your dealer.
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Keyscan’s Photo Badging & Verification module integrates with System VII

for a streamlined badging operation and offers the added benefit of greater

Photo Verification


• Displays cardholder image and transaction

details immediately following site activity

• Compare on-screen image to actual cardholder

• Has an “Always On Top” setting for

constant monitoring of photo verification

window even if other programs are open

• Ideal for monitoring main access

points where security is critical





Photo Badging


• Has a full suite of drawing tools and graphic import feature

for logos, backgrounds, and images

• Supports and prints a variety of industry-standard barcode types

• Creates unlimited template designs to distinguish

departments or areas of authorization

• Share cardholder images with other departments such

as human resources



















Keyscan K-CL - System VII Client license for additional concurrent users. Requires System VII. Keyscan KCM - COMMAND MODULE SYSTEM VII SECURITY

Keyscan K-CL - System VII Client license for additional concurrent users. Requires System VII.

Keyscan’s Security Command Module - the multi-faceted, dedicated
monitoring application designed to let security personnel carry out their tasks
systematically and efficiently.

• Fully integrates with Keyscan System VII
• Displays multiple monitoring windows with each
window capable of filtering user-specified site activity
• Displays an image of active cardholders at each
site with the “show photos” feature
• Monitors multiple sites simultaneously even in
different time zones
• Configures alarm warnings to indicate their
level of importance
• Control and view floor plans on the system monitor
• Trigger dynamic floor plans to open instantly
with a flashing icon pinpointing the location of the tripped alarm
• Formats security tours using door readers or inputs
with timed intervals between each point in the itinerary
• Summarizes the results of all security tours for historical records and management audits
• Create “Active Maps” annunciated in real-time; door status, alarm points, input status and more
• Manually lock / unlock doors or arm / disarm alarm points
• Click on camera icons to open live video feeds


Keyscan’s CCTV module - K-TV - integrates with most RS232 camera
systems, with select DVRs*, listed below, and IP addressable cameras.

• Mutliple CCTV windows available with multi-monitor capability
• Monitor multiple video feeds and use on-screen
camera commands to zero in on a subject of concern
• Fast retrieval of recorded CCTV images captured during
a system triggered event such as a forced entry
• Conveniently switch from the alarm monitoring screen
to the live video screen in the click of a mouse
• Automate cameras to record an alarm event so security
personnel see what’s happening and where it’s happening
• Combined with Keyscan’s System VPH, compare
a cardholder’s on-file image to a continuous video feed at
any reader controlled access point that is equipped
with a CCTV camera
* Bosch Divar, Capture, Dedicated Micros, Digital Watchdog, GE Interlogix,
Honeywell Fusion, Open Eye, Pelco, and Toshiba digital video recorders.
This list is subject to change without notice as DVR manufacturers
may alter specifications. Contact Keyscan to ensure availability of DVR driver.

Keyscan’s Visitor Management has distinct advantages when it comes to
registering and monitoring visitors.

• Shows all visits scheduled for current date
• Schedules visits in advance and tracks visit
status - expected, delayed, arrived, and departed
• Retains a complete history of all visits
• Has a wide array of report capabilities including
all visitors currently on site
• Interfaces with Keyscan’s business card scanner
(P/N BIZSCAN) for quickly adding new visitor records
• Includes Keyscan’s Photo Badge Template Editor
for designing visitor badge templates
and parking permits
• Interfaces with Windows® compatible printers
or Dymo printers
• Formatted for Avery or similar type labels
for printing visitor ID badges
• Assigns visitor’s access cards for independent
but regulated and monitored access
at reader-controlled doors
• Maintains individual visitor files with
user-defined fields for basic or detailed records
• Populates contact information directly from MS Outlook
Keyscan SYSTEMVII - Standard Software complete with 2 client ability. Keyscan SYSVIISUI - SOFTWARE SYSTEM VII SUITE

Keyscan’s System VII - stretches flexibility to the maximum for total control.

• Supports multi-monitor workstations
• Supports the very latest in operating systems including Microsoft Vista Business
• Supports multiple communication modes - serial, LAN/WAN,
and modem
• Has user-selectable languages - English, French,
& Spanish
• Emails alarms or critical messages automatically to
PCs, cell phones, or pagers
• Has alarm summary, instructions, & interactive maps
for timely response
• Offers user-formatted transaction reports
for management analysis & overview
• Has time-saving import & export feature for cardholder records
• Offers advanced CCTV integration
• Schedules automatic database backups with email notification for protection of site records
• Has a Disaster Recovery utility for added safety of system data
• Includes context-sensitive on-line help with detailed instructions
• Has “First Person In” feature to stop unauthorized persons from
gaining access to doors set on timed auto-unlock
• Has a “Not Used Since” feature to conveniently identify non-active cardholders
• Has a “Handicap Accessibility” feature with separate door monitor
settings for persons with disabilities
• Includes a temporary card feature with date range and
usage countdown beneficial for visitors and memberships
• Allows for expansion as new panels added without
having to purchase new software



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