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Today Quantum Group Inc. is a multi-faceted environmental company whose primary business is the development and production of carbon monoxide (CO) detection products including, but not exclusive to, CO sensors, CO detectors and controls. Quantum Group Inc
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Quantam COSTAR 9RV Carbon Monoxide Alarm Quantum QN-1224SIR Carbon Monoxide Detector
Item #906-0027-04 Powered with a 9 volt battery

Protect your family from potentially harmful levels of carbon monoxide with this Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

This unit is designed to detect carbon monoxide (CO) entering its sensing chamber. It does not sense combustible gas (such as natural gas, propane or butane), heat, smoke or flames. NOTE: This CO alarm is designed for use within a single recreational vehicle. The alarm may not provide early warning for occupants if it is placed outside of the recreational vehicle, such as on outside porches. When properly located, installed, and maintained, this CO alarm is designed to provide early warning of developing poisonous CO conditions at a reasonable cost. This alarm monitors the air, and when it senses CO, it activates its built-in alarm. It can provide precious time for you and your family to escape from your RV before CO can seriously injure or kill. However, such an early warning is possible only if the alarm is located, installed, and maintained as specified in the Owner's Manual. If your RV has an interior room divider or door it is recommended to place a CO alarm on both sides of the divider or door. If the alarm is located outside of a bedroom, it may not wake up a sound sleeper, especially if the bedroom door or divider is closed or only partly open.

Quantum QN-1224SIR Carbon Monoxide Detector

This CO alarm is suited for residences, motels, hotels, and commercial or industrial system applications. The 12-24SIR is designed for 4-6 wire connection to 12 or 24VDC alarm system control panels. Reference: UL Listed Household Fire and/ or Burglary Panel with auxiliary signaling zones. Connect to signaling zones which can be designated for CO alarm use only.
Quantum QN-120VC 120V Co2 Det Fan Vent Control Quantum QN-906002704 Carbon Monoxide Detector For Recreational Vehicles
Quantum QN-120VC 120V Co2 Det Fan Vent Control

Save money and energy by activating ventilation system components only when needed. The patented COSTAR? 120VC monitor the CO level in the surrounding air and activate the ventilation system when the CO level exceeds the pre-set thresholds based on your local regulations (OSHA standards may vary).

Quantum QN-906002704 Carbon Monoxide Detector For Recreational Vehicles


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