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Camden CM-1506 (CM-150/6) "Push To Open" Push Button with Enclosure Wheelock CLR-DC - VOICE ALARM 1 MESSAGE

CM-150/6 "Push To Open" Push Button with Enclosure

CAMDEN MANUFACTURING CM-100/120/150 Series push switches are economical light-duty, ADA-compliant door controls. All faceplates feature rear engraving and paint fill. The SPDT switches are UL/CSA approved, and rated 15 amps @ 125V AC.

The CM-150 self-contained surface enclosure measures 2 1⁄2 " x 4 3⁄4 " x 1 1⁄2 ".

Camden 1" push switches are designed to control electric locks & strikes, magnetic locks, automatic pedestrian & overhead doors.

They may also be used for shunting, bypassing alarms, request to exit, timed functions and many other applications. Camden switches are versatile and can be supplied in various logos and languages to suit any commercial or residential application.

All CM-100/120/150 series push switches are complete ready-to-install assemblies. They are supplied with mounting hardware and wire terminals.

  • 4 3/4" by 2 1/2" by 1 1/2"
  • Complete with  surface mount box
  • Excellent for disabled use - may be strapped to a wheelchair
  • 1" red button is easy to activate, and requires minimal force
  • Camden RF transmitters fit into enclosure
The Series CLR Voice Alarm sets the standard for speech quality
audibles. The Series CLR can be used in many applications
where normal tone alarms are simply unable to convey sufficient
information. The simplicity of these single message units allows
them to operate in multiples on regular alarm circuits without the
need for separate synchronizing units.
Standard Message: Attention. Attention. This alarm has been
activated. Please take appropriate action.

Alarm tone and voice message
102dB(A) Output (tone)
20mA @ 24VDC
Synchronized voice messages
Volume control
Standard message library (other messages available on request)

Nominal Voltage: 18 - 30VDC
Current Consumption
(tone dependant): 20mA (average)
Sound Output
(tone dependant): 102dB (tone), 100dB (speech)
Alarm Tones: 1
IP Rating: IP54 w/ shallow base, IP65 w/ deep base
Color: Off White
Messages per sounder: 1
Operating Tempature: -10oC to 55oC
Volume Control: 0 to -20dB

Panasonic BTI KX-TVA594 LAN Interface Card Wheelock 125308 Horn 12 Or 24 VDC 4 Wire Red
KXTVA50 LAN Interface card Review and buy the Wheelock 125308 - Horn 12 Or 24 VDC 4 Wire Red made by Wheelock in our Audible Strobe Appliances section. Find other Audible Strobe Appliances products at
Wheelock AMT-241575W-FR 8 Tone Strobe Wall 24V 1575 CD White Wheelock AMT-241575W-NW Amt Strobe Alarm 1575Cd White 24 Dc
The Wheelock Multitone, Fixed-candela Electronic Appliance Strobe for use in New York City provides a candela rating of 15 cd (75 cd on axis) and eight groups of three distinct prioritized sound outputs from separate electrically-isolated input terminals. Priority 1 overrides all other commands at activation. Choose from high dBA or standard dBA sound output. These appliances operate on 24 VDC, filtered or FWR. Use these appliances only in the following installations: Computer rooms, libraries, museums, and so on that use FM-200, Inergen, or any other fire extinguishing system as defined in the Rules of the City of New York 15-08 Pre-action sprinkler systems Instead of the three separate and distinct signals at the interior fire alarm, smoke detection, and sprinkler alarm systems control panel. The Wheelock Series AMT Multiple Input Electronic Appliances provide the industry with a UL Standard 1971 and UL Standard 464 combination audible/visual device that simplifies installation and offers three (3) distinct prioritized audible signals from three isolated inputs. Priority (1) will override all other commands upon activation.
The AMT offers a choice of eight (8) self-prioritized sound combinations for suppression releasing systems, combination security and emergency evacuation systems and high risk installations as well as many other applications.

The AMT Strobes are designed for ADA applications while meeting or exceeding the latest requirements of NFPA 72 (the National Fire Alarm Code), ANSI 117.1 (the American National Standard For Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities) and UL Standard 1971 (Standard for Signaling Devices for the Hearing Impaired).

Each AMT Audible and AMT Strobe appliance has two user selective sound output levels: STANDARD dBA and HIGH dBA. The AMT Audible provides 12VDC or 24VDC operation, filtered or FWR. The AMT Strobe Electronic Appliances operate at 24VDC and may be used with filtered or unfiltered (full-wave-rectified) input voltages. Separate supervised sets of input terminals are available for each prioritized input. Jumper plugs are provided to enable both tone and strobe to operate simultaneously for all inputs.

The AMT Multitone Strobe Appliances are UL Listed for indoor use, wall mount, under Standard 1971 for Signaling Devices for the Hearing Impaired and Standard 464 for Audible Signal Appliances, and use a Xenon flashtube with solid state circuitry enclosed in a rugged Lexan lens to provide maximum reliability for effective visible signaling.
Wheelock HS-24-R Horn Only Red 24 Volts 4 Wire

The Series HS4 Horn Strobe and HS Horn Appliances are an ideal choice for retrofit applications as well as new installations. They satisfy virtually all requirements for indoor, wall and ceiling mount applications. The Series HS Horn and the horn portion of the Series HS4 include a selectable continuous horn tone or temporal pattern (Code 3) with three selectable DBA settings for each tone. Strobe options include 1575cd or the Wheelock patented MCW Multi-Candela strobe with field selectable candela settings of 15/30/75/110cd or 135/185cd for wall mount and 15/30/75/95cd or 115/177cd for ceiling mount. The Series HS4 horn and strobe inputs are electrically isolated to allow for independent operation of the strobe circuit and the horn circuit. The horn and strobe may also be wired in parallel to operate on a single circuit. These versatile Horn and Horn Strobe Appliances may be synchronized using Wheelock SM, DSM Sync Modules or the PS-24-8MC Power Supplies with Wheelock patented Sync Protocol. All models are designed for maximum performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness while meeting or exceeding the latest requirements of NFPA 72/ANSI 117.1/UFC and UL Standards 1971 and 464 as well as meeting ADA requirements concerning photosensitive epilepsy.


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