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Siren/Recordable Voice Modules
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Elk ELK-100 - High Performance Siren Driver Elk ELK-120 - Recordable Voice & Siren Driver w/ Temporal Code

The ELK-100 Siren Driver is a great choice for residential and commercial security installations. It draws less current than most siren drivers, and offers two volume levels (example: one indoor, the other outdoor) simultaneously. Our exclusive MilliMiser™ option allows further reduction of current draw for controls that have limited alarm or auxiliary output power. The ELK-100 has two inputs, Yelp & Steady. The Steady sound overrides the Yelp. The Yelp input has our unique ComboTrigger™ feature, especially designed for controls that have a single alarm output with a pulsing option for fire or burglary. When pulsed, this channel produces a distinctive third sound pattern.

• Two Volume Levels Simultaneously
• Draws Less Current Than Most Sirens
• MilliMiser™ Lowers Current Draw
• Economical - Drives Multiple Speakers
• ComboTrigger™ For Single Outputs
• Pre-Wired for easy Installation
Lifetime Limited Warranty

• Operating Voltage:
• Current Draw:
• Sound Level:
• Max. Speaker Loading:
• Size:
6 to 14 Volts DC
1.2 Amps, (700 mA on MilliMiser™ setting), with one 8 ohm speaker
120 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc, with one 8 ohm speaker
4 Ohms
2.75" X 3.6" (70mm X 91mm)
ELK ELK-120 Recordable Voice & Siren Driver w/ Temporal Code

The ELK-120 v.2 features 4 channels that can be configured as 2 channels of siren and 2 channels of voice, or all 4 channels can be used for voice. Either way the voice channels are fully recordable and are stored in non-volatile memory. Total time of recording is 8 minutes. The Siren channels offer a choice of: Classic Yelp Sound, Temporal Coded Horn, or Industrial Horn.

• Four Channels Configurable as: Two Siren and Two Recordable Voice OR Four Recordable Voice. • Maximum record time is 8 minutes divided between the number of voice channels. • Siren Sounds: Classic Yelp Siren, Temporal Coded Horn, and Steady Industrial Horn. • Temporal Coded Horn meets ANSI standard for Audible Emergency Evacuation Signaling. • Recordings stored in non-volatile memory. • Voice channels accept momentary triggers. • "One Shot" or Continuous voice playback settings. • Option to trigger +V1 and or +S3 channels from a steady or pulsing input (ComboTrigger™) • Built-in condenser microphone for recording. • Adjustable speaker volume and current draw. • Powerful 24 watt audio amplifier for Speakers. • Line Level Output Jack for Paging Systems and Amplifiers. • PC sound card interface connector. • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

• Operating Voltage:
• Current Draw:
• Sound Level:
• Max. Speaker Loading:
• Max. Message Length:
• Pulsing Input:
• Size:
11 to 14 Volts DC.
.2 to 2 Amps, (depends on volume setting & speaker load).
120 db @ 1 meter, 14 vdc, with one 8 ohm speaker.
4 Ohms.
2 min. per channel in voice mode or 4 min. per 2 channels in siren mode.
1/2 to 2 Second Pulse, 50% duty cycle.
3" x 5" x 1.25" (76 x 127 x 32mm).
ELK 124 - Recordable Voice Annunciator ELK 129 - PC Sound Card Interface
The ELK-124 v.2 is an improved 8 channel recordable voice module. It is excellent for mulitple applications such as telephone on-hold announcements, security and access control warnings, museum narrations, and much more. Each individual channel can store up to 1 minute of voice and/or music recordings with a combined total record time of a possible 8 minutes. Recording is fast and convenient to do by simply using the internal microphone and the 'push to record' button.

A line-level output jack allows quick & easy connection to external amplifiers, audio equipment, and paging systems. It features a convenient channel on/off switches in addition to the ability of playing each channel once at a time or to repeat itself endlessly. The optional ELK-129 Computer Interface can be used to download .WAV files from a PC to the ELK-124. Also easily available is the ELK-120 supplying voice and siren channels.
The ELK-129 Computer Sound Card Interface allows a computerŐs speaker output to be used as one of the tools for programming sounds into the ELK Recordable Modules, such as the ELK-120 or ELK-124. Includes software to download your computerŐs audio files (WAVs) to the Recordable Modules.
Elk ELK-110 - Voice Siren Driver with Temporal Code
The ELK-110 Voice "Talking" Driver features high quality digitally pre-recorded voice messages and loud attention getting siren sounds in an economical, low current draw, compact package. It features three input channels (1 for Burglar, 1 for Fire, and 1 for Carbon Monoxide), bilingual voices (English and Spanish), and many unique options which allow it to be used with virtually any residential or commercial alarm installation. The voice messages and the siren alternately sound whenever one of the channels are activated. The ELK-110 may be customized by use of on-board jumpers. For example: our MilliMiser option allows the already low current draw of the ELK-110 to be reduced even lower. This is ideal for controls with limited alarm output power. The ComboTrigger option allows controls which have a single alarm output and pulsing option to activate both the burglar and fire alarm sounds. The VolumeStep option is best described as the "peacekeeper", since it causes the siren sound to start at low volume, gradually increasing over 90 seconds to maximum volume.

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