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AvaLAN AW900xTR - <b>IP Addressable</b> Long-range 900 MHz wireless outdoor Ethernet radio transceiver

AW900xTR Radios are now IP addressable, with remote configuration & diagnostic tools, and support multiple IP addresses at each remote node!

The AW900xTR product line allows you to build a long-range, non-line-of-sight, point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet solution that can enable fringe IP devices, including IP access control readers, SCADA clients, bio-scanners, printers, PCs, VoIP phones, point-of-sale devices, digital signage, or Internet kiosks.

The AW900xTR solutions offer the ideal combination of price, range, data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of-service, and ease-of-use.


  • 1 x AW900xTR outdoor radio
  • 1 x AW2 2.5 dBi omni-directional antenna
  • 1 x 110 VAC to 12 VDC power adapter
  • 1 x Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector

Includes AW2 2.5 dBi omni-directional antenna.
Recommended upgrades: AW5H-900, AW5P-900, AW10, AW11 (shown), and AW15 — all FCC approved


  • NEW! Built-in spectrum analyzer
  • NEW! 128 bit AES encryption, FIPS 197 - NIST Certified
  • NEW! Remote diagnostics and link analysis with browser interface
  • NEW! Radios are IP addressable*, with Remote Configuration & Diagnostic Tools
  • NEW! Radios Support Multiple IP Addresses at Each Remote Node**
  • Radio can be configured as an access point or client
  • Simple plug and play — minimal user
  • programming required
  • Install up to 16 clients per access point
  • Can operate up to 12 access points, each on its own non-overlapping channel
  • Does not require an FCC license to operate or install
  • High RF output power provides maximum foliage and / or wall penetration

* There is a limit of 50 routable MAC addresses per access point. This allows an Ethernet switch to be attached to subscriber units (“Client” in image at left), but limits to 50 the total number of Ethernet devices to which the access point can connect.

** There is a limit of 16 active subcsriber units for each access point. A total of 12 access points (in the 900 MHz band) can be deployed to support up to 192 subscriber units across a given site.

Range: Up to 1,500’ of trees

Antennae options:

  • AW10, AW11, AW15 directional
  • AW2, AW5H-900, or AW5P-900 omni-directional


  • RF transmission rate : 1.536 Mb/s
  • Ethernet throughput : 935 Kb/s
  • Output power : +21 dBm (4 Watts EIRP used with 15 dBi antennae)
  • Receive sensitivity : -97 dBm at 10e-4 BER (-112 dBm with 15 dBi antennae)
  • Radio link budget : 148 dB with 15 dBi antennae
    Range : 40 miles LOS with 15 dBi antennae
  • Radio channels/bandwidth : 12 non-overlapping with 2.0833 MHz spacing and 1.75 MHz occupied bandwidth
    Manual frequency select : Channel selected with DIP switch or via Web browser interface
  • Connector types : RF RPTNC Female / 10-100 baseT Ethernet RJ45 / Power Jack P5-2.1 mm ID
  • Status LEDs : Power, Ethernet Link, RF RX, RF TX, 4/Channel, and 6/Link Quality
  • Error correction technique : Sub-block error detection and retransmission
  • Adjacent-band rejection : SAW receiver filter attenuates cellular and pager interference
  • Regulator type : Switching regulator
  • Browser Management Tools : QoS Statistics, Network Settings, Spectrum Analyzer and Firmware Upgrading
  • Power consumption : Transmit: 1.7 Watts Receive: 0.8 Watts
  • Voltage : Power over Ethernet 9-48 VDC over Ethernet - 4/5 positive and 7/8 ground
  • Temperature range : -40o C to 70o C
  • Transmit current draw :
    - 175 mA at 9 VDC
    - 140 mA at 12 VDC
    - 35 mA at 48 VDC
  • Size : 170 x 80 x 50 mm; 0.570 Kg

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