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Camclosure Integrated Camera Systems

  ICS090 Series Camclosure Camera System
  ICS150 Series Camclosure Camera System
ICS090 Series Camclosure Camera System
ICS150 Series Camclosure Camera System
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HAI 38A00-2 UPB House Controller 8 Button HLC - Sold in Orders of 12 Only HAI 39A00-1CS Phase Coupler - 12-Pack
A House Controller acts as the master lighting control that shows the status for up to eight rooms. If any light is on in one of its rooms, the button for that room is illuminated. Pressing the House Controller button will turn all of the lights in that room on or off. The buttons may be custom laser engraved with their room names using HAI Part Number 38A06-2. The default color for a House Controller is White. House Controller Switch Color Change Kits (HAI Part Number 38A05-color code) are available in White (WH), Almond (AL), Black (BL), Ivory (IV), Brown (BR), and Grey (GR) colors. House Controllers may be used in an Omni family or Lumina family home control system as part of sophisticated lighting control. Adding a home control system gives you the ability to change your light settings by the time of day, a set schedule, by the triggering of events (including motion), via a telephone call, or by a computer connected to the Internet.


HAI Product No.: 38A00-2
Dimensions: 4.1" x 1.7" x 1.5"
Weight: 0.25 lb.
Backlit Pushbuttons with LED Indicators: 8
Connections: 18 GA
Mounting: Standard J box
Input Power: 120 ± 12 VAC
Input Frequency: 60 ± 3 Hz
UPB Transmission Attempts: 2
Operating Temperature: -40° F to 104° F
Approvals: UL listed
HAI 39A001 Phase Coupler (Standalone, Omni family or Lumina family home control systems). A Phase Coupler for 120/240V electrical systems increases the reliability of your HLC system. HAI recommends the use of this part in every HLC installation.
HAI 50A00-1 Panic/Alert Pendant (Omni Family and Lumina Family Systems) Wheelock A84337-001 Microphone Assembly For Voice Evacuation
Can trigger outgoing phone calls up to 8 different numbers, an e-mail notification, or video surveillance recording. This Panic/Alert Pendant requires the use of an HAI 64 Zone Wireless Receiver. Review and buy the Wheelock A84337-001 - Microphone Assembly For Voice Evacuation made by Wheelock in our Catalog section. Find other Catalog products at
The SP40S is a Multi-Function Supervised Paging, Messaging,
Background Music delivery and Emergency Voice Evacuation
System with 24 VDC battery backup. This single channel
system is capable of delivering 40 watts of supervised high
fidelity audio power and 2 amps of supervised 24 VDC
synchronized strobe power. It comes standard with an
on-board digital voice messaging system with 8 standard
messages, a hand-held microphone, power supply/battery
charger and numerous additional features. The SAFEPATH4
system is expandable to 5280 watts utilizing the SPB-80/4 (80
watts and 4 amps of strobe power), the SPB-160 (160 watts)
or SPB-320 (320 watts) supervised audio power boosters. All
models available in 115 VAC ir 220 VAC.

Applications for the SP40S
• Multi-use applications—The system can function as an
evacuation system, an emergency messaging system,
a paging system, an employee notification system and a
background music system per NFPA 72 (2002), section
6.8.4 Combination Systems
• Fire code applications—The system is listed under UL
Standard 864, 9th edition delivering supervised audio and
voice messaging with strobes and notification appliance
circuits (NAC) for visual alerting
• Economic OSHA applications—The system is OSHA
1910.165 compliant; this means that it does not require
reliability inspections every two months, or the required
spare parts inventory
• Wide ranging applications—from small to large facilities
• Can connect to pagers for private alerting of emergency/
trouble conditions
System Activation
• Contact closure message activation
Approvals & Compliance
• Approvals: UL Standard 864, 9th edition, UL Standard 1711,
California State Fire Marshal (CSFM), New York City (MEA),
FCC Part 15
• OSHA 1910.165 and ADA Compliant
• 3 Year Warranty
• Made in the USA
Background Music
• Capable of broadcasting from a supplied BGM source
• Unique supervision method allows for full system supervision
even during background music (BGM)
• Line Level input for music source
• Frequency Response 100 - 15KHz

General Paging
• Easily interfaces with most existing phone system page port, CO
port and line level signals
• Automatically mutes BGM
• Frequency Response 275 - 6.5kHz
• Night ringer or security alert connection

Voice Evacuation
• Complies to NFPA-72 requirements
• Supervised NAC speaker and strobe circuits
• Live microphone override
• 8 digitally pre-recorded voice messages
• Uses selectable pre-tones for messages
Strobe Inputs and Activation
• 2 Amps of 24 VDC supervised strobe power with built-in
Wheelock sync protocol. Power limited.
• Strobe output is selectable for control of Wheelock sync
protocol or non-sync operation
• Strobe terminals have pass thru capability for Wheelock sync
or non-sync operation
• Any of the 8 messages can be dip switch selected to activate
• Microphone activation can be dip switch selected to activate
• Auxiliary activation (Remote MIC) can be dip switch selected to
activate strobes
• 24 VDC supervised and synchronized strobe power can be
expanded to meet the requirements of the installation via
connecting to optional Wheelock power boosters

Audio Processing
• Volume and tone controls for general paging and BGM
• Connectability of optional speaker splitter modules
• Dual-tone tone generator with: Code 3 Tone and Slow Whoop for alerting
of system trouble
• Night ringer/security alerting capability
• Audio power can be expanded by connecting to optional audio power
-SPB-80/4 80 Watt Supervised Audio Power Booster with 4 Amp
of Synchronized Strobe Power
-SPB-160 160 Watt Supervised Audio Power Booster
-SPB-320 320 Watt Supervised Audio Power Booster

Speaker Output
• 40 watts of supervised audio power
• Speaker outputs: 25V or 70.7V power limited
Live & Pre-recorded Message Announcement
• Supplied with 8 pre-recorded emergency messages
• Capable of in-field recording of all messages via 1/8” line level audio input
• Preset audio levels for emergency messaging (prerecorded and live mic) -
system reverts back to a pre set level regardless of the volume set for BGM
or general paging
• On board Push-to-Talk Microphone
• Telephone paging input, disconnects BGM when in use
• Auxiliary input for Remote Microphone connection

Benefits and Advantages of the Multi-Function SAFEPATH4
• One System Multi-Function Facility Communications System
• Background Music (BGM) system, with patent pending supervision during BGM
• Supervised Emergency/Fire Voice Evacuation System
• Interfaces with telephone system for general paging requirements
• Built in power for visual notification appliances e.g., Strobes
• Expandable for larger system requirements (with optional equipment)

Power Supply & Batteries
• 24 VDC, 33AH Max rechargeable battery back-up power circuitry
• Batteries can be housed in the enclosure (Up to two (BAT-1212),
12 volt, 12 ampere hour batteries can fit in the enclosure.
Actual battery size required will depend on speaker and/or strobe

• Multiple trouble LED indicators for quick system diagnostics
• Fully supervised circuitry always in effect – even during BGM and
general paging (via patent pending technology)
• Removable quick connect/disconnect terminals for ease of wiring,
accepts #12 to #22 AWG
• Power limited circuitry with Class “B” or Class “A” wiring. Class “A”
only with use of Audio Splitter
• Surge protected circuitry

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