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Leviton 41150019 (41150-019) Recloseable Cable Bar (Black) Leviton 41188SM1 (41188-SM1) The SpaceMaker (Black)

41150-019 Recloseable Cable Bar (Black)

  • Manages cables vertically and horizontally on relay racks and cabinets.
  • Metal-clad horizontal bar with attached loops (Hook and Loop-style) screws into rack to manage cables horizontally; available in 19" style.

Saves up to 80% installation labor time and REQUIRES NO RACK SPACE to install. The SpaceMaker works well for both new installations or retrofits.

  • Cables are supported out in front of metal rack while maintaining port accessibility.
  • The SpaceMaker can also be used to support cables in the back of the rack.
  • Attached hook and loop ties help manage cables without wasting rack space.
  • Allows cable management of 24 to 96 ports.
  • No need to move existing panels, because the SpaceMaker uses existing screws on patch panels or electronics; simply loosen screws, slide SpaceMaker in, then re-tighten screws.
  • Knock-off mounting tabs fit all equipment by using standard rack screw-hole pattern.
  • Multiple SpaceMakers can be mounted one on top of another and even upside-down.
  • Made of 14-gauge steel.
Leviton 49006AMB (49006-AMB) Angle Cable Management Bar Leviton 49251W62 (49251-W62) 2-Position (3.5" H, 6.0" D) Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket (Black)

Angled panels and accessories provide improved access to 110 punch down fields and allow the option to increase rack density. Angled Cable Management Accessories provide enhanced cable management and organization for Category 5e, 6, or 10G, Universal and QuickPort Angled Patch Panels. Choose from the Angled Cable Management Bar, Vertical Transition Rings, 1RU and 2RU Angled Blank Panel Inserts and Transitional Covers

Install the Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket in areas where space is constrained or racks are not used. Available in 2RU, 3RU and 4RU sizes.

Leviton 49251W63 (49251-W63) 3-Position (5.25" H, 6.0" D) Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket (Black) Leviton 49251W64 (49251-W64) 4-Position (7.0" H, 6.0" D) Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket (Black)

Install the Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket in areas where space is constrained or racks are not used. Available in 2RU, 3RU and 4RU sizes.

Install the Hinged Wall-Mount Bracket in areas where space is constrained or racks are not used. Available in 2RU, 3RU and 4RU sizes.

Leviton 49252PCM (49252-PCM) Combo Front/Rear Manager (19.0" Wide, 3.5" High) - Black Leviton 49252PO1 (49252-PO1) One-Position Organizer Panel (19" Wide, 1.75" High) - Black

Manages both front and rear cables/cords in a 3.5" high standard rack space. Oversized front rings meet larger-capacity requirements for patch cords. Rear management reduces tension stress and maintains bend radius of cables routed from inside or outside of vertical channels. Provides retention rings and fixed anchor points for ‘loose-fit’ bundle or tie-wrapped installation techniques using plastic or Hook and Loop tie wraps.

A 1.75" high organizer with vertical distribution rings and individual routing clips.

Leviton 49252PO2 (49252-PO2) Two-Position Organizer Panel (19" Wide, 3.5" High) - Black Leviton 49254BP1 (49254-BP1) 1-Position (1.75" H) Blank Panel (Black)

Combines horizontal and vertical distribution rings with individual routing clips for patch cord organization between patch panels

Install Blank Panels to provide a seamless look until additional rack space is needed for future expansion. Available in 1RU, 3RU and 4RU styles.

Leviton 49258TWB (49258-TWB) Tie Wrap Bar (19" wide, 1.0" high, 1.5" deep) - Black Leviton 49260MR3 (49260-MR3) 3" Vertical Manager Ring (4-pair cable capacity: 180 rear, 250 front) - Black

Mounts at the rear of standard EIA racks to support cable bundles and help maintain their bend radii near cable terminations. Provides cable support and stress relief, plus several fixed anchor points for ‘loose-fit’ tie wrapping of cable bundles using plastic or hook and loop wraps. Can mount several ways for flexibility in cable routing.

Highly flexible, customizable front and rear vertical management for varying rack configurations. ‘Open ring’ system can be arranged and changed as needed, for total customization and on-site adaptability. An optional tie bracket and divider panel can be added to provide cord and cable separation between racks.


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