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ACTi Corporation CAM-6610 - PTZ Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera With Two Way Audio Ademco / Honeywell 5110XM - Fire Alarm Communicator and Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT)

Zoom In And Communicate From Afar With This Powerful Security Camera

Consistent surveillance that works no matter how dark it is

With a 1/4" EXview HAD CCD sensor and IR filter, this high-speed dome IP camera provides excellent D1 resolution footage in near-complete darkness, or 0.005 Lux. Get closer to your subject with an 18x optical zoom, which works with the camera's 360-degree pan and 190-degree tilt (100 through 190 degrees function in image flip mode) so you can use fewer cameras to monitor a larger space more effectively. The ACTi CAM-6610 also supports two-way audio, making it ideal for use as a primary school security camera that's used for screening a school's visitors before they enter. However, the ACTi CAM-6610's robust day/night function and high level of visibility make it ideal for industrial applications as a warehouse surveillance camera, a museum security camera and more!

Take as much or as little control over camera settings as you wish

With automatic or manual controls for features such as white balance, exposure, iris control and more, you can leave as much or as little to the camera as you wish. If you face challenging lighting situations that contain bright light and dark shadow in the same scene, the ACTi CAM-6610's backlight compensation will ensure that the whole area is properly exposed so that crucial details in your images won't be obscured in an emergency. And with four customizable frame rate/bit rate settings, you can let users watching online choose the fastest, highest-quality settings that their remote networks can support.

ACTi CAM-6610 PTZ Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera Features

  • Numerous different outdoor and vandal-resistant enclosures available
  • Privacy masking prevents designated areas in your scene from being broadcast online
  • Motion sensor built-in
  • Online camera settings and viewing interface password protected
  • Alarm I/O ports provide a way for the motion sensor to trigger an external alarm
  • Available in NTSC or PAL models, with D1 resolution at 30 fps in NTSC and 25 in PAL
  • Multistreaming supported, with 4 configurable frame rate settings detailed above

The 5110XM is a UL Listed, microprocessor based fire alarm control/communicator that supports five hardwired zones. It may be used as a slave Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) providing central or remote station service for a central or remote station listed Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). It may also be used as a stand alone non-coded local, central station or remote station control.

The model 5110XM is fully supervised and supports one two-wire smoke detection circuit and four-wire smoke detectors on all five circuits. Its powerful microprocessor continuously monitors and reports system status of AC, standby battery, zone inputs and telephone line connections. In the event of a fault condition a local audible sound is activated as well as reporting directly to central station.


  • Five supervised style B zones
  • One master code
  • Five user codes
  • Seven built-in LED indicators
  • One notification appliance circuit
  • Temporal code compliant
  • Supervised digital dialer
  • Optional panel door mounted silence/reset switch when AHJ approved
  • Supports two-wire compatible smoke detector
  • Supports up to four keypads
  • Backup digital dialer built in
  • Auxiliary form "C" relay
  • Built-in warning buzzer
  • Programmable via 6139R alpha keypad or downloader
  • Supports major communication formats
  • UL864 Listed
  • NFPA 72 compliant
  • MEA Approved
  • Upload/Download capable
The 5110XM Fire Alarm Communicator (DACT - Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter) is well suited for a variety of applications a stand alone fire control or slave DACT. A diverse line of ADEMCO alarm notification appliances as well as initiating devices supports this powerful control panel. Some of the applications supported are monitoring of sprinkler supervisory or waterflow switches in factory or warehouse environments, fast food chains, department stores, retail stores, library and museums as well as professional and office buildings. This panel complies with the new, June 1,1998 NFPA requirement to alternate testing of dual phone lines on a rotating basis.

The 5110XM Fire Alarm Communicator (DACT) has been designed to mount both quickly and easily. It meets all applicable requirements for UL Commercial Fire installations. Remotely program and troubleshoot this panel via ADEMCO’s WindowsTM based Compass Downloader.



    Primary power:

  • 20VAC, 60Hz, 600mA max
  • Secondary rated 18VAC, 40VA

    Quiescent panel current draw:

  • 155mA

    Backup battery:

  • 1 2VDC, 7AH min to 14AH max
  • Lead acid battery (gel type)

    Charging voltage:

  • 1 3.7VDC, nominal

    Alarm power:

  • 12VDC, 1.0A max for notification (bell) output

    Aux. standby power:

  • 12VDC,350mA max

    Total power:

  • 1.0A from all sources

    Aux. relay output:

  • Type: Form C

    Standby time:

  • 24 hours with 1A standby load or 60 hours with 210mA max standby load using 14AH battery


  • Battery input, aux. and notification (bell) appliance circuits are protected using PTC circuit protectors. All outputs are power limited.


Line seize:

  • Double Pole

    Ringer equiv.:

  • 0.7B


  • ADEMCO Low Speed, ADEMCO 4+2 Express, ADEMCO High Speed, ADEMCO Contact ID, Sescoa and Radionics

    Mechanical: Cabinet dimensions —14.5”H X 1 2.5”W X 3”D


  • -10°C to 70°C

    Operating temp:

  • 0°C to 50°C


  • 85% RH


  • Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
    —FCC Part 15, Class B Device
    —FCC Part 68
    —IEC EMC Directive

    The 5110XM has been listed and approved for use in commercial fire applications. It has been listed under the following agency approvals: Fire

  • UL864/NFPA72 Central and Remote Station DACT and Local, Central Station and Remote Station Control
  • Factory Mutual
  • California State Fire Marshall
  • MEA
  • GE Security 2505A-L - Surface mount aluminum housing contact with armored cable, closed loop, wide gap, 3 in. gap size IEI IE-MT26S AWID Compatible, Hi Frequency, Mtl Mounting Tag
    The 2500 series is designed to be installed in commercial and industrial environments where a rugged sealed unit is required. It is ideal for metal doors, overhead doors, fences, and gates.

    Each model features a high-strength extruded aluminum housing and is completely encapsulated in GE Securitys polyurethane potting compound. All models include a 3-foot armored cable.

    A wide gap model is available to protect against false alarms from loose-fitting doors.

    Standard Features

    • Mounting brackets available for gates,garage doors, and freezers
    • Rugged construction for long life Convenient surface mounting
    • Fewer false alarms and service calls
    • Available wider gap distance helps prevent false alarms caused by loose-fitting doors

    IEI IE-MT26S AWID Compatible, Hi Frequency, Mtl Mounting Tag
    IEI IE-MT36S AWID Compatible, Hi Frequency, Mtl Mounting Tag Wheelock 115902 - HORN STROBE 24V MULTI CANDELLA ALERT IN RED
    IEI IE-MT36S AWID Compatible, Hi Frequency, Mtl Mounting Tag


    Wheelock HNR Fire Alarm Horn Wall Mount 12/24v RED Model #: 126292
    Exceder Series 12/24 V DC Wall Mountable Horn has a sleek modern aesthetic design. Horn Features: Voltage test points Finger slide switches Multiple Voltages 3 Audible Settings: 90, 95, or 99 dB Universal Mounting Base

    The HNR Wheelock Fire Alarm Horn Wall Mount RED will be there for you when seconds count and you need the most effective means of notification during a fire emergency possible. The unit's audible notification can prove dire during times of crises, as its blaring horn will not go unnoticed and can only signal one thing—to Get Out.

    The Wheelock Fire Alarm Horn features a sleek modern design that will please building owners with reduced total cost of ownership. Installers will benefit from its comprehensive feature list, including the most candela options in one appliance, low current draw, no tools needed for setting changes, voltage test points, 12/24 VDC operation, universal mounting base and multiple mounting options for both new and retrofit construction. This model features 3 sound settings (90, 95, 99 dB), while all switches to change settings can be set without the use of a tool and are located behind the appliance to prevent tampering.

    The unit features a Universal Mounting Base (UMB) designed to simplify its installation and testing. The separate universal mounting base can be pre-wired to allow full testing of circuit wiring before the appliance is installed and the surface is finished.

    The series comes equipped with:

       * A combination of 12 and 24 VDC in one appliance providing the capability to use a single appliance for different installation requirements.
       * A universal, common base for retrofit jobs, limited space environments, and preexisting wire configurations.
       * It comes complete with a Contact Cover for protection against dirt, dust, paint and damage to the contacts.
       * The Contact Cover also acts as a shunting device to allow pre-wire testing for common wiring issues.

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