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IEI IE-517 Signature Series Audio Tester IEI IE-552LS Flash Mount Audio Discrmtr White


The IEI family of Tri-Gard Audio Glassbreak Detectors are offered as a family of products designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial perimeter security applications. Applications include laminated, tempered, wired and plate glass. Tri-Gards can be used with glass pane sizes as small as 6"x10", with closed drapes, blinds, curtains and sun film protection.


The signature series 550/552LS Tri-Gards are the first audio glassbreak detectors with microprocessor-based, multiple signature analysis. Both units are self-adjusting, and feature Automatic Gain Control circuits to filter the amplitude of ambient sound and process all sound at the same volume. This eliminates the need for manual sensitivity adjustments and gives the 550/552LS maximum detection accuracy even in muffeled (ie.curtains, shades, blinds, small glass sizes) and changing environments.

Signature Supervision:

Enabling the signature supervision features allows the unit to monitor the sound input to the microphone and the associated circuitry (except the relay) of the 550LS to insure the detector continues to hear across the full frequency spectrum from 10 to 10,000 cycles. If after 120 hours, the 550LS has not heard the individual frequency elements associated with glassbreak, an amber LED will latch to indicate a potential trouble situation.

Environmental Switch:

Each unit is factory set for use in most residential applications. For laminated glass (ie. most commercial and industrial applications) the environmental switch is enabled, thereby tailoring the units response to the more demanding environment.


  • Specified for plate, wired, laminated and tempered glass

  • Works with closed curtains, drapes, blinds and sun protection film

  • Glass pane sizes as small as 6"x10"

  • Automatic Gain Control

  • Signature supervision

  • Environmental switch feature

  • Microprocessor-based

  • Multiple Signature Analysis

  • Omnidirectional sensitivity

  • No sensitivity adjustments

  • Patents pending

  • UL listed

  • White or Cabin Brown colors


  • IEI IE-834LBR  Viper Plus Series Frame-Mount Glassbreak/Selective Vibration Detector (Brown) IEI IE-834LWC Viper Plus Glassbreak Sensor With Contact

    * Piezo-electric sensor with custom ASIC microchip

    * Patented single or double knock option

    * LED display


    “Viper plus” frame mountable piezoelectric sensor with custom ASIC integrated microchip. The sensor responds to the directly conducted energy released by broken glass. As a result, unit will not false alarm from ambient noise or low frequency vibrations. Works on virtually any size glass. For unit with built in contact order 834LCW. Specify white or brown.


    IEI IE-834LCBR  Viper Plus Series Frame-Mount Glassbreak/Selective Vibration Detector With  Contact (Brown) IEI IE-LRIN Provides Audib/Visual Feedback

    * Piezo-electric sensor with custom ASIC microchip

    * Patented single or double knock option

    * LED display


    IEI IE-LRIN Provides Audib/Visual Feedback
    IEI IE-LRMB 11.5" Side/Side Up/Down Swvl Hd IEI IE-VERITEST Audio Glassbreak Detector
    IEI IE-LRMB 11.5" Side/Side Up/Down Swvl Hd Features:

    * Unique patented end user test feature can prove its working anytime, even when armed

    * Hears through drapes, blinds, curtains

    * Hears all glassbreak frequencies


    IEI IE-515 Intl Elec 515 Detector Tester/510 IEI IE-557LS Signature Series Flush Mount Audio Detector



    * Flush mount

    * 4 frequencies

    * Digital Signal Processing (DSP) continuously analyzes sound


    IEI IE-834LWH Viper Vibration Detector



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