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CE Labs AV501HDX Video Splitter

CE Labs AV501HDX Video Splitter
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The AV501HDX has one set of inputs and five sets of outputs (Output #5 is designated as the loop output, but may be used to drive a monitor directly). The unit allows any Audio/ Video source, with Y, Cb, Cr, or Y, Pb, Pr Outputs (component), to distribute Audio and Video to five different locations without any signal loss. The amplifier also supports composite video and digital audio.

Also known as

  • AV501HDX Video Splitter
  • CE Labs AV501HDX Video Splitter - 1 x 4
  • CE LABS AV501HDX HDTV/Component A/V Distribution Amp
  • Cable Electronics AV501HDX Video Splitter
  • Cable Electronics AV501HDX Labs 1 In 5 Out HDTV-Component with Digital Audio Aud
  • Video Insertion Loss: 50 Hz to 10 MHz < .40 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Video Bandwidth: > 100 MHz
  • Audio Response: > 100 KHz
  • More robust design with increased bandwidth from previous model.
  • 1 input and 5 outputs.
  • Allows any A/V source with Y, CB, CR, or Y, PB, PR output components to distribute A/V to 5 different locations without signal loss.
  • Compatible with all HDTV, digital and analog video signals Independently amplified loop-thru port allows for more units to be daisy chained for larger display systems with great picture quality.
  • Saves user expense of additional A/V receivers.
  • Allows up to 150-ft runs.