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Takex PA6612E Passive Infrared Sensor

Takex PA6612E Passive Infrared Sensor
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Takex PA6612E Passive Infrared Sensor


The PA-6612 is a novel approach to the issue of false alarms and pet tolerance in PIR motion detectors. Through the use of "Twin Dual-Element" mirror optic detectors, Takex has created a ceiling mount detector with no equal in the security industry.

The PA-6612 uses "non-linear" mirror adjustment technology, ensuring maximum performance over a given area on ceilings up to 4.0m. The secret to the amazing performance of the PA-6612 is in the way that the mirrors are adjusted in reference to each other. It is "non-linear", meaning that as the detectors mounting height increases, the angle of separation of each lens decreases, thereby maintaining a steady "aspect ratio".

Contrary to popular belief, it is not acceptable to fit a wall mount detector on a ceiling bracket above its recommended mounting height, and then adjust it to look down. This will cause each layer of fingers to separate creating a virtual "dead zone" that will not detect movement. Twin PIR's are not new but Twin-Mirror-Non-Linear PIR's are. With "rock solid" performance, the PA-6612 offers installers the opportunity to virtually eliminate false alarms from the toughest of environments.

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