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Channel Plus DC and IR Passing Splitter/Combiners 2514

Channel Plus DC and IR Passing Splitter/Combiners 2514
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The Channel Plus 2514 DC/IR Passing 4-Way Cable Splitter is a small but powerful device for combining signals or extending their reach to more equipment. Use it to split a single coax cable signal across four more out-going cables so it can be received by more TVs or a cable modem. It can also combine signals from multiple sources onto one coax run. Use a DC passing splitter whenever DC IR signals are present on the coax. It is suitable for antenna and coaxial operations. This DC IR passing coax splitter combiner has side brackets that allow it to be mounted on the wall or other location, keeping it securely in place.

Also known as

  • ChannelPlus 2514 DC And IR Passing Splitter/Combiners - 4-Way
  • CHANNEL PLUS 2514 DC/IR Passing Splitter/Combiner (4 way)
  • Channel Plus 2514 DC/IR Passing Splitter/Combiner, 4-Way
  • Linear 2514 DC IR Passing 4-way Splitter/Combiner
  • Provides 1GHz bandwidth
  • Passes DC/IR control
  • Ideal for antenna and coaxial operations
  • 4-way splitter
  • 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 8 dB insertion loss
  • Passes DC IR signals on the coax
  • Use as signal splitter or combiner