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Channel Plus NF-469 Notch Filter

Channel Plus NF-469 Notch Filter
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The Model NF-469 Notch Filter couples the incoming signal source coax cable to the input on a splitter or bi-directional DA-series amplifier. Once installed, the NF-469 filters out channels to make room for modulated channels. In addition, the NF-469 blocks the modulated signals from being broadcast back into the coax. The NF-469 is a perfect solution for modulation in the ever-increasing bandwidth taken up by Cable Television (CATV). The Model NF-469 Notch Filter blocks incoming CATV channels 64-70 and off-air UHF TV channels 14-19, allowing 5400, 5500, and SVM series modulators to insert TV channels without interference.

Also known as

  • Linear NF-469 Notch Filter
  • Notch Filter
  • Inserts modulated channels by blocking CATV channels 64 - 70 and UHF 14 - 19
  • Allows user to create 3 modulated channels (65, 67, 69) on CATV and 3 channels (14, 16, 18) on UHF
  • Channel filter durable metal construction