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Channel Vision CVIR4500 Coax IR Starter Kit

Channel Vision CVIR4500 Coax IR Starter Kit
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SINGLE ROOM SYSTEM: How does it work? The IR-4500 Starter Kit includes the following components: IR coax engine (CVIR4000), an IR coax receiver (CVIR4101), dual IR emitters (CVIR3002) and power supply. In a basic system setup, the IR receiver and coax IR adapter are connected to the end of the coax at a TV location, while the coax IR engine is connected to the opposite end of the same coax cable. The IR emitter and power supply connect to the coax IR engine. When the IR receiver detects a signal from an IR remote control, the signal is translated into electrical pulses that are placed on the coax by the IR coax adaptor. At the opposite end, the coax IR engine decodes the electrical pulses and sends them to the IR emitter that transforms them back into IR pulses that can be recognized by the entertainment device you are trying to control. STARTER AND EXPANSION KITS: This easy-to-install technology makes it simple to control all your home entertainment devices from anywhere in the home. While many newer homes may be pre-wired for whole-house IR control, older homes rarely have more than a single coax cable available at each TV location.

Also known as

  • Channel Vision ir-4500 Starter Kit
  • Channel Vision IR-4500 Coax IR Starter Kit
  • 1 x IR-4000 - IR Coax Engine
  • 1 x IR-4101 - IR Coax Receiver
  • 1 x IR-3002 - Dual IR Emitter