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Corby 7520 - Platinum Series Keypad - Mullion-Style,Slim

Corby 7520 - Platinum Series Keypad - Mullion-Style,Slim
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Corby 7520 - Platinum Series Keypad - Mullion-Style,Slim


Platinum Series Keypad - Mullion-Style,Slim

The Platinum Series Keypad is made from a solid block of aluminum, this keypad utilizes piezoelectric technology to provide the security installer with the elegance your customer wants and the ruggedness that your customer needs! It is resistant to the effects of Mother Nature and vandals.

The keypad is a stand-alone unit, requiring only a power supply and electric door lock to operate. Programming is done at the keypad, and it has the capacity to hold over 200 different user codes! Code lengths may be from 4 to 8 digits in length, giving your customer 100 million code combinations! All codes are stored in nonvolatile memory, so if you lose power to the unit, your codes will still be there when power returns.

To ease the installation, this keypad requires only four (4) wires to install (two for power and two for the lock) and can operate on 12 to 24 Volts DC or 12 Volts AC. For magnetic lock installations, a request-to-exit button can be wired in for fail-safe operation.

For extra security, the keypad features a lockout option that will disable the keypad for 30 seconds if 3 consecutive invalid codes are entered. It also has a code time-out feature - if a partial code is entered, the keypad will reset after 15 seconds.

This model is a slim version that is designed to be surface mounted on a door frame and is laid out in a 2 x 6 matrix. It features screwplugs that prevent removal of the unit from the wall.

  • Resistant to Vandals
  • Resistant to Weather
  • Resistant to Water
  • One-Piece
  • Metal Construction
  • No Moving Parts
  • Piezo Switches
  • Anodized Graphic
  • Tamper-Resistant Mounting

    Model includes:
    Green LED
    Red LED

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