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Corby 2000 System 2000

Corby 2000 System 2000
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System 2000 Windows Access Control

Corby's System 2000 controls up to 62 doors and may upgrade to 248. If you need to open one garage door or control an office building, now you can do it.

The new System 2000 two-door controller is a networked enhanced version of our reliable and field-tested System 2. The System 2000 requires a Network Interface Controller (NIC) and our System 2000 software for Windows. If you already have System 2's installed, they are easily upgraded to System 2000 specifications.

Users can pass through an entry point secured by a Keypad, Reader, or combination of both by entering a correct code into the Keypad or presenting a valid Card or Data Chip to the reader. The panel then decides if the user is allowed access to this door at the current time and date, either grants or denies access and logs the transaction in the event buffer of the panel and the PCs database.

A door can be programmed for public access to automatically lock and unlock according to the programmed time schedules set up by the System Administrator. System 2000 has a built-in clock and calendar that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and leap year. Also, there are hundreds of holidays which allow the System to selectively engage alternate holiday schedules for users and doors.

Each System panel is equipped with two of the following outputs/inputs: Main Relays, Auxiliary Relays, Voltage Outputs, Door Ajar / Forced Entry Inputs, Request-To-Exit Inputs, Zone Inputs and one Emergency Drop Input.

Contains the necessary components to install a basic system 2000 package.

System 2000 NIC
(Network Controller)
System 2000 Software
System 2000 Manual