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Corby 4405 System 10 Door Port Module (DPM)

Corby 4405 System 10 Door Port Module (DPM)
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System 10 Door Port Module (DPM) ● 1 DPM is required for each 4 Doors ● Expandable to 32 DPMs or 128 doors ● 4 main relays and 1 aux relay ● Supports 2000 users, 8 time schedules, 64 time zones, 16 holidays, RS-232 output, door ajar, forced entry, relay time cancel, request-to-exit, zone monitoring, anti-passback ● Supports keypads, data chips (requires 54-4301 for data chip), 26 & 30-bit Wiegand, 26 & 30-bit proximity, magnetic stripe, bar code (requires 54-4141 for cards technologies) ● Requires: 26-4450 PC, 26-4406 digi board, 26-4410 software ● Includes battery, transformer, surge protector ● Cabinet: 11" W x 15.5" H x 4.5" D (279mm x 394mm x 114mm)

The System 10 Access Control System supports thousands of users. Each user can be added or deleted in seconds using a computer which Corby can supply (part #4450) and printer (part #4006). The built-in relays can switch power to electric Door Locks, arm or disarm Alarm Systems, shunt Alarm Devices, or operate Garage Doors.

Access a secured area using Keypads, Card Readers, or Data Chip Readers. A Request-To-Exit button can be used to exit an area and, a Magnetic Contact can be installed to report Door Ajar conditions. For applications requiring time restriction of users and/or automatic relay operation, eight time schedules and 64 time zones are supported.

System 10 is a PC-Based Access Control System that controls and monitors Security Systems, Electrical Devices, Energy Management Systems, and the movement of personnel. Over a hundred control points and thousands of users may be monitored and controlled. The System 10 is capable of controlling many different locations with centralized reporting using sophisticated communications.

Users can pass through an entry point secured by a keypad, reader, or combination of both by entering a correct code into the keypad or presenting a valid card or Data Chip to the reader. The System then decides if the user is allowed access to this door during the current time and date, and either grants or denies access and logs the transaction in the event buffer. Public access doors can be programmed to automatically lock/unlock according to the programmed time schedules set up by the System Administrator.

System 10 has a built-in clock and calendar that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and leap year. The 16 holidays allow the System to substitute holiday time schedules for users and/or doors. Add Door Port Modules (DPMs) as required. Each DPM expands the System by four (4) doors. A fully expanded System 10 will accommodate 32 DPMs and 128 doors. Each DPM, Corby Part #4405, has four main relays for personnel access, energy management, or alarm security control. The auxiliary relay can be used for duress or door ajar conditions.

The System 10 personal computer (PC) can be upgraded with communication boards. Each communications board supports up to 8 Door Port Modules (DPMs), or 32 doors. To exceed the 32 door capacity, up to three additional communications boards can be installed in the computer. These boards can be added at any time, to maximize the System's capacity of 128 doors.


16 Holidays 64 Time Zones
Pop-Up Help Screens Use Data Chip Readers
Custom Printed Reports Control up to 128 Doors
Remote Set-up & Reporting Supports Thousands of Users
10 Password Privilege Levels Prints Name, Title, Location
Use Keypads, Readers or Both


Input Voltage Class II Transformer 16.5 VAC @ 40 VA
Backup Supply 4 amp Battery
Door Relay 4 - Form C 5A @ 30 VDC
Auxiliary Relay 1 - Normally Open 1A @ 30 VDC
Door Inputs 4 - Data Inputs Keypad, Card, Chip
Cabinet Size 15.5" X 11" X 4.5"
Operating Temperature 0° F - 110° F