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Corby 7510 Keypad - Platinum Series - Single-Gang

Corby 7510 Keypad - Platinum Series - Single-Gang
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Corby 7510 Keypad - Platinum Series - Single-Gang


The CORBY-7510 single door access control keypad can be easily installed and programmed with up to 200 codes from a possible 100 million 4 or 8 digit codes. The unit is a standard keypad that can be surface mounted to a single gang electrical type box.

The 7510 has an added level of security where the unit will return "on-line," in 15 seconds, if no data is entered while in program mode. The keypad will "timeout" when a partial code is entered and not completed within three seconds and will be disabled for a 30 seconds upon three consecutive invalid code entries.

The 7510 is unaffected by rain, chemical agents, body fluids, glue and gum and operates in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The unit is equipped with durable anodized graphics and features tamper resistant molding.

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