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CP Technologies LevelOne POS-1002 PoE Splitter

CP Technologies LevelOne POS-1002 PoE Splitter
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CP Technologies LevelOne POS-1002 PoE Splitter


The LevelOne POS-1002 PoE Splitter splits a networked PoE signal into separate power and Fast Ethernet data sources. This device allows administrators to run Fast Ethernet speed PoE cables over long distances and then split the PoE signal into separate data and power sources in order to network non-PoE devices. This active PoE splitter is available in the following output voltages (5V or 9V OR 12V). Save installation and equipment cost when installing access points, IP cameras and more in remote locations With no need to install network devices near a power outlet. This compact device safeguards valuable network equipment with short circuit protection and quickly creates an integrated PoE and non PoE network at Fast Ethernet speeds.

    Also known as

    • POS-1002 PoE Splitter
    • LevelOne POS-1002 PoE Splitter - 5V DC, 9V DC, 12V DC Output
    • CP Tech/Level One POS-1002 POE Injector/Splitter/Repeater
    • LevelOne POS-1002 PoE Splitter
    • CP Tech-Level One POS-1002 POE Injector-Splitter-Repeater

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