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Dedicated Micros PR1850D/N

Dedicated Micros PR1850D/N
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DEDICATED MICROS DD-PR1850DN License Plate Recogonition 2 Camera System - DEDICATED MICROS DD-PR1850DN

Dedicated Micros HyperSense License Plate Capture optimized cameras have been specifically developed to capture and record vehicle license plates.Available in both analog and IP models, Dedicated Micros' unique HyperSense technology removes all unnecessary detail from a scene, including ambient light,leaving only the objects that strongly reflect the IR light emitted by the integrated invisible IR LED flash. Completely eliminating glare from vehicle headlights and providing a crisp, clear image, Dedicated Micros HyperSense License Plate Capture cameras speed up license plate character computation and increase read accuracy.Ideal for deployment in a range of applications including toll booths and parking facility control, the series includes License Plate Capture cameras designed to capture only the plate detail of passing vehicles, and combined License Plate Capture/Overview cameras that associate color images of the vehicles with their license plates.