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STI 6205 Defibrillator Theft Stopper

STI 6205 Defibrillator Theft Stopper
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You've made a large investment in employee health and safety by purchasing an AED. Are you concerned about theft- Here is an effective way to help reduce the risk of theft.

The Defibrillator Theft Stopper incorporates a unique steel cable operated switch mechanism. This allows the defibrillator to be used for a medical emergency, but it sounds a powerful alarm when the AED is removed. This loud alarm may alert your first responders in the building, but it can be very disturbing for a potential thief. Before use, the steel cable is permanently crimped around the handle of the AED. When removed from the unit, the alarm sounds. Reinserting the cable silences the alarm. Recommended operating range 32 degreesF to 120 degreesF (0 degreesC to 49 degreesC).


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