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Design Tech LM-GA911 30911 Guardian Alert 911 Panic Phone

Design Tech LM-GA911 30911 Guardian Alert 911 Panic Phone
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The Guardian Alert 911 is a tiny cordless speaker phone, small enough to be worn around your neck. It is smaller than most cell phones. By pressing a single button, the Guardian Alert 911automatically dials the universal 911 emergency number. You will then be able to speak directly to the 911 operator about your emergency. There is no need to register the product. Simply install it according to these directions and your Guardian Alert 911 is ready. It has enough range to cover most homes and even into the yard. It is NOT a cell phone, and therefore will not work far from your home. It is designed to be used primarily inside the home. You can use the System Check feature to confirm that the PENDANT is within range of the BASE UNIT.

Also known as

  • 911 Guardian Phone
  • Guardian Alert 911 (30911)
  • Logicmark LM-GA911 30911 Guardian Alert Panic Phone
  • Plugs into the phone jack