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Bosch DB06C1025D2 DiBos Micro DVR, 6-Channel, 250GB, HDD, DVD-RW, 8 IP Devices

Bosch DB06C1025D2 DiBos Micro DVR, 6-Channel, 250GB, HDD, DVD-RW, 8 IP Devices
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DiBos Micro uses Bosch's proven state of the art digital recording and communications technology and takes video surveillance to a new level. It is an integral part of overall security solutions for a wide range of applications - including banks, large retailers, railway stations, airports, city centers, industrial facilities, and office buildings.

Customers can retrieve vital images and share information faster than ever before. They can better assess critical situations and take action immediately. Whether they're on site or at a remote network location, authorized personnel have quick, convenient access to information so they can operate more effectively and efficiently.

DiBos supports live viewing and recording at resolutions up to 4CIF. Users can store images at up to 180/150 ips (NTSC/PAL) on 12 composite video inputs. As many as 4 audio data streams can also be recorded on 12 video channels units.

Users can connect up to 8 additional IP video sources. This includes support for Bosch IP cameras (Dinion IP and AutoDome IP), Bosch MPEG4 network video encoders (VideoJet and VIP X Series), as well as JPEG images from numerous network camera manufacturers. DiBos can store up to 30/25 ips per attached network video device. Every network video encoder can add one additional audio channel. In addition to Bosch MPEG4 network encoders, DiBos can receive JPEG images from network cameras from numerous manufacturers.

The system offers advanced features for viewing and very high flexibility in recording and image access. The real power of DiBos Micro is fast, convenient accessibility to images and information. If required, accessibility to images and information is possible round the clock and everywhere all over the world. Communication and access to DiBos Micro is possible via private or public networks. For these purposes the system can be connected to a variety of peripheral devices and systems.

The unique, scalable GUI allows live and recorded images from multiple remote systems to be viewed from a single PC or another DiBos Micro. With this powerful tool, security managers can monitor and supervise various locations simultaneously. Cameras and viewing modes can be programmed or selected manually. Each camera offers in-window pan/ tilt/zoom functionality from local or remote facilities. Images are displayed with date/time, location, camera name and status of connected devices such as detectors and sensors.
  • W/lith battery