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Digimerge VCE316161

Digimerge VCE316161
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VCE316161 16 Ch. Network DVR with 160 GB HDD

VCE300 Series 4/8/16 Channel Pentaplex Network DVR with Advanced Storage Management

A full set of factory default settings that makes setup easier (480/120) The VCE300 Series offers the features and flexibility that makes it ideal for the widest range of CCTV projects and comes pre-programmed with a full set of factory default settings that makes set up easier than ever before.

  • 4/8/16 channel Pentaplex Network DVR with 120 fps recording capability
  • MPEG4 Video Compression for efficient data transfer
  • Digi-Client application with Advanced Storage Management
  • HDD mirroring & disk array
  • VGA, CD-RW/DVD-RW optical drive support
  • Supports 2.0 TB of data storage
  • Advanced camera and recording control on all channels
  • Rack mountable