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Ditek DTK-RM16NM Surge Suppressor

Ditek DTK-RM16NM Surge Suppressor
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DITEK's RM16NM rack mount surge protectors for CCTV video feeds are used by top security professionals. They are effective at preventing damage to DVRs and head-end equipment causing by voltage surges from pole-mounted or external cameras' video feeds. Tight clamping voltage ensures top protection, enabling continuous operation of critical CCTV equipment.

Also known as

  • DTK-RM16NM Surge Suppressor
  • Ditek 19 RACK MOUNT 2.8V COAX - DK-RM16NM
  • Reduces DVR downtime and failure from voltage surges
  • Protects 16 camera feeds
  • Center Pin - Shield
  • Shield - Ground