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Edwards Signaling 332EX-10R5

Edwards Signaling 332EX-10R5
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Hazardous location AC single stroke bells produce a distinctive, loud, and clear individual note that is free of mechanical clatter. When current is applied, the striker hits the gong once and stops. Current may be coded to cause the striker to hit the gong intermittently. Ideal for use with momentary initiating contacts.Mounts to any solid surface using 3/8" (10mm) fasteners. Units fitted with a sealing fitting for 3/4" (19mm) conduit and wire leads for power connections. Used for coded signal applications such as paging. Also specified for timing, scheduling, and general alarm applications in: Refineries, gasoline storage and dispensing areas, petrochemical manufacturers, spray paint areas, aircraft hangers, grain dust areas in graineries and flour mills, and industrial firms using flammable liquids. Specifications: Adjustment free self compensating plunger Corrosion resistant finish
  • 6" and 10" gong sizes li>
  • Low power drain for efficient operation over long wire runs li>
  • Completely assembled li>