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Edwards Signaling 869STRR-AQ

Edwards Signaling 869STRR-AQ
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The Edwards Signaling 869STR and 869DSTR AdaptaBeacon series are bright, low current, high decibel, surface mount, combination electronic horn/strobes for indoor, flush mount use. They have been designed for mounting in a standard 4" (102mm) square backbox with extension ring (total minimum depth of 3" (76mm)) (not supplied). Strobe and horn may be operated independently. The 869DSTR-G1 is a diode supervised 24V DC unit. The 869STR AdaptaBeacon is for indoor flush mounting in manufacturing sites. Used where a distinctive visual or audible signal is required for timing, scheduling, paging, process control, and general alarm applications. Specifications: Visual Function: Strobe Audible Function: Horn Voltage: 24VAC, 24 VDC Color: Red Lamp Type: Strobe Flash Rate/Minute: 60 dB @ 10 Ft.: 90 dB Mounting: Surface Approvals: UL RoHS: No Picture No.: EDWD-SB-869C H x W x D (in.): 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.13 Operating Environment: Indoor- 85% relative humidity at 86F (30C); 32F to 120F (0 to 49C) variable ambient Strobe Flash Rate 1 flash: per second Sound Level Output: 90 dBA at 10 ft. (3.05 m) in an Anechoic Chamber Mounting: Indoor Surface Mount Light Output: Red Lens - 21 cd Operating Voltage: 24V AC or 24V DC Operating Current - Horn: 60 mA or 20 mA Operating Current - Strobe: 158 mA or 219 mA