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Edwards Signaling 97DFR-EK

Edwards Signaling 97DFR-EK
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The Edwards 97 Series AdaptaBeacon Heavy Duty strobes lights are designed for use where more frequent and longer lasting signaling cycles may be required. A series of complementing fresnels cause the dome to "fill" with light each time the strobe flashes. Beam distance is also increased with external fresnel lenses. These strobes are also available in "double flash" versions that double the apparent strobe on-time (50 double flashes per minute). The 97 Series' trigger and timing circuits are included as integral parts of the power supply. Replacement costs are reduced as it is necessary to replace only the strobe tube. Designed for indoor or outdoor installation. May be direct or 3/4" (19mm) conduit mounted on any plane. However, vertical installation ensures maximum beam width projection. For weatherproof installations units must be mounted vertically with dome up. May be corner mounted using the Cat. No. CBR, corner mount bracket, or wall mounted using the Cat. No. WBR, wall mount bracket. See AdaptaBeacon Accessories. The 97 Series is also ideally suited for installations where high ambient light levels make traditional rotating or flashing lights difficult to distinguish. The gasketed weatherproof design assures installation acceptability in most industrial and commercial locations. Often used on forklifts, overhead cranes, and repair vehicles.
  • Xenon strobe light source li>
  • Cast base can function as a junction box li>
  • Optically designed fresnel lenses li>
  • Single and double flash models li>
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications li>
  • For outdoor use, lens should face up li>
  • 93 Series - 3/ 4" conduit mount li>
  • 97 Series - panel or 3/ 4" conduit mounting li>