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Edwards Signals ED-101FINHAG 101FINHAG Halogn Beacn 24V DC

Edwards Signals ED-101FINHAG 101FINHAG Halogn Beacn 24V DC
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Edwards Signals ED-101FINHAG 101FINHAG Halogn Beacn 24V DC


Edwards Signals ED-101FINHAG 101FINHAG Halogn Beacn 24V DC

The Edwards AdaptaLight Stackable Beacon is a unique audible-visual signaling device which can contain up to 5 light modules and a pulsating horn in a single ?stack.? It is for heavy duty use in locations where visibility over longer distances is required. All modules are gasketed. The base of the AdaptaLight tackable Beacon contains a pulsating horn rated at 85dB at 10 feet. The horn can be operated as a sixth independent signal or in conjunction with any one of the light modules.The steady-on modules provide a constant visual signal. They are ideal for start/stop functions, on/off process or continuous duty visual signaling applications.The flashing modules command immediate attention. They work well as a warning signal when used with the steady-on module. Applications include signaling of equipment malfunction.The strobe modules are ideal for high ambient light areas. It can effectively signal urgent status changes when used in conjunction with the ncandescent or LED light modules. The LED modules are best for applications where long life (120,000 hours) is a requirement.The AdaptaLight can be surface or 1/2" (13mm) NPT conduit pipe mounted in non-hazardous dust and weatherproof applications. For indoor applications, it may be vertically mounted with lenses facing either up or down. For weatherproof installation, the unit must be mounted vertically with lenses facing up. May also be corner mounted using the Cat. No. CBR, corner mount bracket, or wall mounted, using the Cat. No. WBR, wall mount bracket. See AdaptaBeacon Accessories.

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