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ELK 124 - Recordable Voice Annunciator

ELK 124 - Recordable Voice Annunciator
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ELK 124 - Recordable Voice Annunciator


The ELK-124 v.2 is an improved 8 channel recordable voice module. It is excellent for mulitple applications such as telephone on-hold announcements, security and access control warnings, museum narrations, and much more. Each individual channel can store up to 1 minute of voice and/or music recordings with a combined total record time of a possible 8 minutes. Recording is fast and convenient to do by simply using the internal microphone and the 'push to record' button. A line-level output jack allows quick & easy connection to external amplifiers, audio equipment, and paging systems. It features a convenient channel on/off switches in addition to the ability of playing each channel once at a time or to repeat itself endlessly. The optional ELK-129 Computer Interface can be used to download .WAV files from a PC to the ELK-124. Also easily available is the ELK-120 supplying voice and siren channels.

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