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Elk ELK-M1RB M1 Relay Board

Elk ELK-M1RB M1 Relay Board
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Elk ELK-M1RB M1 Relay Board


The ELK-M1RB is an M1 Relay Board used to convert voltage outputs into SPDT relays rated for 7A @ 30 VDC and 10A @ 125 VAC.

The board is designed to be plugged directly into an M1G, M1EZ8, M1XOV, or an M1XOVR. All 8 board relays feature LED indicators to inform users of status conditions. The low current draw helps improve energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. ELK-SWG glides can be used to mount the board in an enclosure.

Great for all-purpose switching.

    Also known as

    • ELK Products - M1RB - Relay board, 8 form C, connects to M1, M1XOVR, or M1Xov

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