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Elk M1GSYS4S M1 Gold Kit with Enclosure

Elk M1GSYS4S M1 Gold Kit with Enclosure
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Elk M1GSYS4S M1 Gold Kit with Enclosure


The Elk-M1GSYS4S is a complete, "ready to install" security system kit that saves users the time of having to piece together their own system from scratch.

When it comes to security and automation control systems, a persisting problem is that systems tend to be strong in home automation and weak in security, or strong in security but weak in home automation. The Home Automation and Security System with KP2 Keypad (Gold) from Elk is an all around robust solution that provides the best of both worlds.

The system consists of an M1Gold control unit, an M1KP2 keypad, an SWB14 enclosure, a 1280 (8Ah) battery, a 73 Echo Paintable speaker, a 952 in-line surge protector, and an RJSET Telco Jack & Cord. The control unit is generally placed within the enclosure and then mounted in an area that is both out of sight and inaccessible so nobody can tamper with the system.

It also houses the main electronics and a backup battery for standby power in case of an outage, along with a surge protector to prevent damage from lightning, voltage spikes, and surges coming in through the phone line.

The keypad is the primary user interface. All current system status is provided using the LCD display. The unit can also be controlled via a telephone remote controller. The built-in telephone remote control makes any phone a keypad.

The unit is flushed with features: a 500+ word vocabulary for interaction, a built-in voice dialer, battery backup, two-way listen-in interface, and an RS-232 serial port to connect additional equipment.

The system is completely customizable. Whether you choose to include more automation or security features is completely up to you. Either way, Elk's Home Automation and Security System with KP2 Keypad (Gold) is a versatile system you cannot be without.

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