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Essex Electronics K1 Thinline 2x6 Black Illuminated + ERM-3: K1 + ERM-3 Multiple User, Secure Access Control (Encoded Relay Module)

Essex Electronics K1 Thinline 2x6 Black Illuminated + ERM-3: K1 + ERM-3 Multiple User, Secure Access Control (Encoded Relay Module)
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Essex Electronics K1 Thinline 2x6 Black Illuminated + ERM-3: K1 + ERM-3 Multiple User, Secure Access Control (Encoded Relay Module)


Applications Include:


  • Front Door 
  • Garage Door 
  • Guest House 
  • Service Entrance 
  • Electric Gate 

  • Pool Areas 
  • Parking Area 
  • Laundry Room 
  • Common Areas 
  • Fitness Center 

    Small Businesses
  • Front Entrance 
  • Private Office 
  • Supply Rooms 
  • Stock Room 
  • Back Door

K1 Series Keypad with Encoded Relay Module

The K1 Series is the next generation Keypad Keyless Entry system designed to provide a migration path from a multiple user stand alone access control system to an OEM compatible Keypad Reader. This design allows you to start with the K1 Series Stand Alone System for 1 to 3 door operation and reconfigure the Keypad in the future to add additional doors with a larger system. In stand alone mode, up to 500 user codes can be programmed into the K1 Series and each user code can be assigned to activate one of the three programmable outputs. This system is capable of being programmed either through the Keypad or through the Encoded Relay Module serial communication to a PC. User friendly software is included to simplify system configuration and User Programming. When connected to a PC, User activity can be logged and printed. As a secured system, the K1 Series Keypad with Encoded Relay Module provides an enhanced level of security by storing relays in a separate control module. All user programming and system configuration can be performed through the Keypad or optional PC Programming software (included with the Encoded Relay Module). 

  • 500 User Codes 

  • 3 Relay Outputs 

  • Time Zone/Restricted Access Input 

  • PC Programming and Real Time Logging 

  • 3 Programmable Outputs 

  • Stand Alone or OEM Compatible Keypad

K1 with ERM Features

• Up to 500 User Codes

1 Master Code

500 User Codes

1 Temporary Code (automatically expires after up to 100 hours)

• Easily Programmable at the Keypad or PC

Add, Modify or Delete Codes from the Keypad or use PC Programming software included with Encoded Relay Module (ERM-3)

• 3 Programmable Outputs

1 Main Output – Encoded Relay Unlock 2 Auxiliary Outputs – CCTV, Internal Alarm, 2nd/3rd Door, Doorbell or Auxiliary Output

• Programmable Output Time

1 to 99 seconds

• Tamper Alarm

Multiple incorrect entries trigger Tamper Alarm and lock out system for 30 seconds

• Remote Bypass (REX)

Activates Relay for Programmed Output Time

• Anti-Tailgating

Helps prevent unauthorized access

• Manual or Timed Latching

Latch any of the 3 outputs

• Time Zone/Restricted Access Input

An external time clock or manual key switch can lock out selected User Codes

• PC Programming/Logging Software

The Encoded Relay Module (ERM-3) includes PC software which simplifies system configuration and User Code maintenance. The ERM has a serial interface to connect to the PC. (Serial cable required)

K1 with ERM Specifications

• Power Requirements (ERM)

12 to 24V AC or DC

• Current Draw

< 20mA Standby, 120mA Max (All 3 Relays ON)

• Outputs

Three SPDT Relay contacts rated at 6 amps (120VAC) Voltage or Dry Contact, Fail Safe or Fail Secure

• Non – Volatile Memory

Retains codes during power interruption

• Encoded Relay Module Operating Environment

-40°C to + 49°C (- 40°F to +120°F)

• Encoded Relay Module Dimensions

H: 5½" x W: 7½" x D: 2½" (14 x 19.1 x 6.4 cm)

• Keypad Switch Life

> 1 Billion Cycles

• Keypad Operating Environment

- 40°C to + 70°C (- 40°F to + 160°F) 100% Relative Humidity

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