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Essex KE26534K KE-265-34S Access Control

Essex KE26534K KE-265-34S Access Control
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The ESSEX-KE-265-34K is an easy to program, easy to use, stand-alone Keyless Entry system with features suitable for basic access control requirements.

Providing either a voltage output or dry contact closure, the KE-265-34K is designed to control any fail-safe or fail-secure electric locking device. The unit features a 3 x 4 keypad with a black overlay.

The KE-265-34K features one master code and five user codes. Two relay outputs are available to provide a variety of access control configurations including single door operation with an auxiliary output for a CCTV/Light Controller, a Gate/Garage Door controller or Doorbell activation or the KE-265-34K can be configured for two door operation.