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Essex KE26534S KE-265-34S Access Control

Essex KE26534S KE-265-34S Access Control
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Essex KE26534S KE-265-34S Access Control


The KE-265 is a secured, stand-alone Keyless Entry System with features suitable for basic access control requirements. As a secured system, the KE-265 provides an enhanced level of security by storing access codes and relays in a separate control module which is installed in a secured area. The KE-265 features one Master Code and five User Codes. Two relay outputs are available to satisfy most residential and small commercial access control requirements. Standard configuration provides single door access control by connecting the KE-265's main relay to any fail-safe or fail secure electric locking device. As an alternative, this main relay can also be used to control a garage door or electric gate. The KE-265 also provides an auxiliary output which can be used to control control a CCTV or light or any other auxiliary device. The KE-265 can also be configured for two door operation.

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