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EverFocus FL1620 FL-1620

EverFocus FL1620 FL-1620
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The EverFocus FL1620 is a high-quality manual focus industrial lens for 1/3-inch CCD security cameras that have a CS-type lens mount. It offers a sharp f/2.0 good for low light and high contrast applications. Its 16 mm focal length shows 17° horizontal angle of view.

Key Features

  • Fixed Focal Length and Aperture

    The FL162O renders a wide 22° horizontal angle of view. Its fixed f/2.0 aperture can be used in low lighting conditions.

  • Light Weight Design

    Designed to be mounted on custom board cameras the FL1620 weighs a mere 7 grams. These lenses usually find a home in industrial or manufacturing environments where cameras are used for quality assurance or machine vision.