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Edwards Signaling 98BC-E1

Edwards Signaling 98BC-E1
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Xenon strobe light source Flash rate 65 fpm Snap-on high impact plastic base Optically designed fresnel lenses Resistant to shock and vibration Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications For outdoor use, lens should face up NEMA Type 4X enclosure Option for panel or conduit mounting Operating temperature range: -31F to 150F Edwards 96B and 98B Series Xenon strobe beacons are light duty visual signals suitable for use in industrial, commercial and institutional applications where short term intermittent visual signaling is required. both series feature a corrosion resistant NEMA Type 4X enclosure and can be panel or conduit mounted. Optically designed fresnel lenses improve viewer perception for indoor and outdoor applications. The 96B and 98B Series are often used where a smaller output is desired or where multiple, smaller strobes are required. Trigger and timing circuits are included as integral parts of the power supply. Replacement costs are reduced, as it is necessary to replace only the strobe tube.