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GRI 289-3-AL

GRI 289-3-AL
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GRI 289-3-AL


The GRI 289-3-AL is designed as an aid for prevention of an unattended access to a pool/spa area by a small child. Monitoring all doors or windows with closed loop magnetic reed switches, the unit will sound an alarm should anyone too small to manage the adult pass thru feature attempt access to the pool/spa area. For maximum protection all moveable openings should be protected in such a manner by the pool alarm

The 289-3-AL can be operated with an on-board 9 volt battery with a 12 volt externally supplied DC power source, in which case the battery will perform a back-up function should the externally supplied source fail for any reason. Both power sources have been designed to maintain a maximum sound pressure level. Should the battery voltage drop below 7 volts while in backup mode, a low battery mode will be initiated and the unit will sound 2beeps approximately every 3 seconds for one to two weeks prior to total battery failure. Battery must be replaced at this time.

It is suggested that some type of surge protection, such as the GRI CS-1 Current Sensor, be used between the power supply and all GRI Pool Alarms using external power. The unit will function at minimum 5VDC at a very limited sounder volume. This power level is considered total battery failure.

    Also known as

    • G.R.I. Telemark Corp. POOL ALARM RECESSED ALMOND - GI-2893AL

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