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Genesis Ceiling Horn/Strobe with Field Configurable 15-95 CD

Genesis Ceiling Horn/Strobe with Field Configurable 15-95 CD
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Edwards Genesis ceiling horn-strobes are small, compact, audible-visual emergency signaling devices. Protruding no more than 1.6 in. (41 mm) from the ceiling, Genesis horn-strobes feature textured housings in neutral white or life safety red. Edwards Genesis strobes do not require bulky specular reflectors and lenses. The patented cavity design conditions light to produce a highly controlled distribution pattern. Full Light strobe technology produces a smooth light distribution pattern. This ensures the entire coverage area receives consistent illumination from the strobe flash. The strobes are designed to flash at the same rate (synchronized) when used with the compatible synchronizations source such as the EG1M-RM synchronization module, E-FSC fire panels and EBPS series booster power supplies. Genesis ceiling horn-strobes feature selectable candela output with a conveniently located switch. The candela output setting remains clearly visible and locked into place after installation.

    Also known as

    • Edwards Signaling Security Camera Mounts Genesis Ceiling Horn/Strobe with Field
    • Edwards Signaling EGC-HDVM