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Gentex 8100PT 120VAC 4-Wire Photoelectric System Detector (Integrated)

Gentex 8100PT 120VAC 4-Wire Photoelectric System Detector (Integrated)
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The Gentex 8000/8003 Series of photoelectric detectors is designed for commercial, industrial, residential and institutional applications. The 8000/8003 is engineered to provide outstanding performance wherever reliable fire protection is required.

The Gentex 8000/8003 Series provides an exclusive patented three position test feature that simulates a 0.85% and a 3.5% actual smoke condition, in full compliance with NFPA 72 and UL 268 Standards. The test feature has the capability to let you know when maintenance is required.

A standard Form A dry relay contact for connection to the system initiating circuit and an auxiliary Form C dry relay contact is provided on all models for use for remote annunciation as a releasing device services. Other options include reverse/local 90dBA solid-state piezo horns and 135°F fixed temperature self-restoring integral or isolated thermals to meet your specific requirements.

The 8003 Series provides the temporal 3 evacuation tone as a standard feature. When testing the 8003 Series it may take up to 16 seconds longer to go in or out of alarm.

  • Available in 120VAC and 24VDC
  • Horn Frequency 3100 Hz (Nominal)
  • Nominal 2.5% Sensitivity
  • Functional Test Switch — Patented Three Position Test
  • On Site Maintenance Washing Program
  • Form A/Form C Dry Relay Contacts
  • Quick-Disconnect Wiring Harness
  • 2 Year Warranty from Date of Purchase
  • 5-to-1 Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Pulsing LED Sensing Chamber
  • Fully Insect Screened
  • Solid-State LED Condition Indicator
  • Mounting Hardware Adapts to Standard Junction Boxes
  • Dust Cover to Prevent Contamination During Installation
  • Protective High Air Velocity Gasket
  • Suitable for release device service
  • Temporal 3 Evacuation Sounding Device (8003 Series)