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Gentex 9123T Photoelectric Smoke Alarm (Integral/120VAC)

Gentex 9123T Photoelectric Smoke Alarm (Integral/120VAC)
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The Gentex 9123T is a 120VAC, Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with an Integral 135 degree (f) Thermal. The unit is designed for hotels, motels, hospitals, apartments, and homes.

This smoke alarm comes with a low/missing battery indicator, a pulsing LED sensing chamber, and is tandem up to 12 units. It includes a three position test switch, a quick disconnect wiring harness, and the relays operate on battery backup power.

Featuring a 90dBA temporal 3 evacuation piezo horn, 2.5% sensitivity, and 5-to-1 signal to noise ratio, the 9123T offers reliable smoke detection and comes backed by a one year warranty from the date of purchase.