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GEORGE RISK GRI George Risk Industries N20RS-T-B 3/8" rec stubby, rare earth, t Pack of 10

GEORGE RISK GRI George Risk Industries N20RS-T-B 3/8
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GRI Introduces their newest line of contacts: The MIGHTY MAG Series, to assist in resolving the installer's problem of drilling into the new thinner, vinyl windows. These rare earth magnets are less than 1/ 8" high and install fast and easily without worry over damage to the window itself. GRI's Mighty Magnets make use of a rare earth alloy which allows the size of the magnet to be significantly reduced while still retaining or improving the gap involved. Paired with GRI's 3/ 8" Press To Fit contacts, this new series offers a standard gap of 3/ 4"+ and on wide gaps, 1"+. These rare earth magnets can be mounted with the mounting screws and/ or double stick tape included in the bag or may glued into the window.

Also known as

  • G.R.I. Telemark Corp. MINI 3/ 8 REC-TERM-ETH MAG-BRN - GI-N20RSTB