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GRI T8000 32"°F Fixed Temperature Thermal Sensor for Notification of a Freeze, Maximum Temp. 239 Deg. F

GRI  T8000  32
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The G.R.I. Temperature Sensor is a surface mount switch and comes equipped with three feet of 2 conductor cable to assist in installation. The T8000 Series can be mounted almost anywhere and their small size allows them to be very unobtrusive. Mounting hardware is included.

When the normal ambient temperature in the monitored area is above the trip temperature of the Sensor, it must be connected in an Open Circuit alarm loop. When the desired monitored temperature is below the trip temperature, the Sensor must be wired in a Closed Circuit Loop.

  • General temperature monitoring
  • Low cost protection
  • Easy to install
  • Small, unobtrusive Surface Mount
  • Available by special order in 9°F increments from 23°F to 140°F