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Home Automation Inc. 38A15-BL

Home Automation Inc. 38A15-BL
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38A15BL (Black, no Scene Switch) Table Top Scene Switch Cradle

(Standalone, Omni family or Lumina family home control systems)

The Table Top Scene Switch Cradle is used to table mount the Scene Switch (38A00-1), House Status Switch (38A00-2), or Lumina Mode Switch (38A00-3). You may purchase it in either Black or White and either with or without an HAI Scene Switch.

The Table Top Scene Switch Cradle can be conveniently located throughout the home, including on a bedside nightstand, on the desk in a home office, or next to your favorite chair. It plugs directly into electrical outlet and has a cord length of 6 feet.

The Table Top Scene Switch Cradle may be used in conjunction with an HAI home control system or it may be used to create lighting control in a single room, with no controller and no programming. Just use lamp modules, Scene Switches in Table Top Scene Switch Cradles, and the HLC Scene Switch Remote Control to create standalone lighting control for a room. This stand-alone application is perfect for home theaters, great rooms, master bedrooms & baths, outdoor lighting, and many other possibilities.