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Handset Dialer - White

Handset Dialer - White
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Handset Dialer - White


The HD-1 Handset Dialer is a universal keypad Touch Tone generator capable of providing DTMF signaling. The HD-1 permits access via DTMF signaling to beepers, voice mail and banking services from phone system consoles or other equipment which cannot provide Touch Tones. The HD-1 is easily installed in series with modular handsets and headsets or interfaces directly to Tip and Ring.

    Also known as

    • HD-1 Handset Dialer White
    • Viking Electronics HD-1 Handset Dialer - Yes
    • Viking Electronics Handset Dialer WHITE
    • Viking Electronics Hd-1 Handset Dialer - Yes (hd-1)
    • Viking Phone Accessories Handset Dialer - White VK-HD-1

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