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Honeywell Access NC-HG4 HandKey CR Hand Geometry Reader

Honeywell Access NC-HG4 HandKey CR Hand Geometry Reader
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Honeywell Access NC-HG4 HandKey CR Hand Geometry Reader


HG-4 HandKey CR Hand Geometry Reader

Biometric hand geometry reader, 512 users. Operating temperature range: 32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C) with 20 to 80% relative humidity non-condensing. Dimensions: 11.65" H x 8.85" W x 8.55" D (29.6cm H x 22.3cm W x 21.7cm D).

The HandKey reader by Recognition Systems, Inc. utilizes fieldproven hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a persons hand all in less than one second.

The HandKey captures a three dimensional image of the hand using a 32,000 pixel image array. The 90 measurements including the lengths, widths, thickness and surface area of the fingers and hand are taken. The advanced algorithm determines the unique aspect of the hand and then generates a nine-byte hand template. This template is then stored and used for subsequent comparisons. Dirt, cuts and abrasions on the hand have no impact on accuracy.

The HandKey CR is specifically designed to work in conjunction with card based access control systems. This makes adding biometric security to critical access points fast, simple and seamless for both new and existing systems. The HandKey CR without integrated card reader and the HandKey CR with HID proximity can store up to 512 cardholder templates in the unit. The HandKey CR with integrated OmniClass/iCLASS reader stores cardholder templates on their cards, protecting cardholder privacy and eliminating the need to store and update cardholder databases in individual HandKey CR readers. The storage of the template on the card allows the reader to support an unlimited number of cardholders.

The HandKey II provides the security and convenience you need at a price you can afford, even when compared to cardbased systems. Because your hand is your card, HandKey II allows access only to authorized people without the hassles ofa card or key. By eliminating cards, you reduce administrative costs while greatly increasing the level of security. Users appreciate the convenience of never worrying about keeping track of a card or key.


  • When multiple HandKey are linked together via RS-485 or Ethernet, the units built in template management system can be used to distribute hand implants to other hand readers in the network. This allows users to enroll at one reader and then use other readers in the system without re-enrollment.
  • Integrated wall-mount design
  • Flexible storage of template on OmniClass/iCLASS cards eliminates need to maintain databases in individual readers
  • Integrates into existing systems
  • Card readers support 26-bit Wiegand with other data formats available
  • To ensure system integrity, a tamper switch is built into the reader. Tamper alarms and other conditions such as verification refused, lock out and duress can be monitored by the panel directly or through one of the HandKeys two auxiliary outputs.



This reader stores templates for up to 512 users in the unit.


11.65" H x 8.85" W x 8.55" D (29.6cm H x 22.3cm W x 21.7cm D)

Max. Read Range1


Cable Distance to Host (Wiegand)

500' (152m) max

Compatible Cards

Number of Templates


Template Size

9 bytes

Enrollment Time

< 15 sec

Equal Error Rate (EER)


False Acceptance Rate


False Rejection Rate


Custom Features

FTE of 1 in 10,000

Verification Time

less than 1 second

Regulatory Approvals

FCC, CE, UL 294

Operating Temperature

32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C)

Operating Humidity

20 - 80% relative humidity

Operating Voltage Range

12 to 24 VDC

Current (@12VDC)



Built-in tamper switch


RS-485, RS-422 or Ethernet

Output Interfaces



1 year

1 Actual operating distance will vary depending upon installation environment and proximity to metal.

2 See Honeywell Systems Groups Sales Policy for complete warranty details.

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