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Honeywell Access N-1000-4-X

Honeywell Access N-1000-4-X
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Honeywell Access N-1000-4-X


The HONEYWELL-ACCESS-N1000IVX is a four reader control module equipped with eight DPDT relay outputs and additional card capacity. The unit allows for a card database of 25,000 cards and a transaction buffer capable of storing 6600 transactions.

The N-1000IVX is designed to operate off-line, making access control decisions independently from a PC or other controlling device. The unit can also be connected to a host computer for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control. Connectivity to the host computer is accomplished via direct serial communication (RS232 or RS485), dial-up modem or TCP/IP network connection.

Another key feature of the N-1000IVX is its completely distributed database. All information regarding cards, time zones, relay control and alarm points is loaded into the the unit's memory, enabling the unit to operate completely independently of any other equipment.

    Also known as

    • Honeywell - N-1000-4-X - Expanded Controller In Mtl Enc

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