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Honeywell Video HASMPIT SmartPIT POS/ECR or ATM Text Inserter

Honeywell Video HASMPIT SmartPIT POS/ECR or ATM Text Inserter
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Honeywell Video HASMPIT SmartPIT POS/ECR or ATM Text Inserter


SmartPIT is a smart protocol interface translator that is used as an interface for ATM (automated teller machine), POS (point of sale)/ECR (electronic cash register) or PTZ domes for Bossware and MAX protocol enabled systems such as VideoBloX and MAXPRO-Net.

When SmartPIT is used with an ATM, it is a hardware/software interface between the ATM and the DVR. SmartPIT extracts ATM receipt data and forwards it for storage to a Honeywell DVR such as Rapid Eyeâ„¢ Multi-Media or HRXD. By storing the transaction data separately on the DVR as text data, it allows the operator to seamlessly correlate video with the ATM receipt text data.

When SmartPIT is used with a POS/ECR system, it is a hardware/software interface between the POS/ECR and the DVR and/or IDM. IDM is a next generation data monitoring plus data mining solution that allows complete integration of transaction data with video from Honeywell digital recorders and network digital recorders. As a POS/ECR interface, an onsite customizable SmartDataFilter allows the installer to quickly configure SmartPIT through a user-friendly GUI. The SmartDataFilter allows extraction of POS text data from a variety of serial-based ECRs and forwards it to a DVR or IDM. SmartPIT extracts receipt data from an ECR for correlation to stored video of the transaction.

SmartPIT can also be used to interface IntelliBus enabled cameras such as ACUIX to existing VideoBloX and MAXPRO-Net CPU systems. IntelliBus is a bidirectional protocol that allows for user programmed features and settings in the PTZ dome to be stored on a PC. Using a PC and a Web browser connection to SmartPIT, the remote dome configuration can be saved or downloaded to a new camera. In the event the dome is replaced, the same configuration can easily be uploaded back to the dome. SmartPIT with IntelliBus also provides the ability to upgrade a dome or group of domes with new firmware without taking the dome off-line.

In financial institutions, SmartPIT reduces payment of fraudulent ATM transaction claims by integrating the transaction detail with recorded video of the person making the transaction. This creates a solid evidence chain. In retail applications, SmartPIT allows for seamless integration of recorded video and receipt data providing protection against fraudulent claims, operator error, employee theft or fraud, and shrinkage. Additionally, customers who recognize the value in remotely configuring, saving and upgrading the settings of ACUIX PTZ cameras are an ideal fit for SmartPIT.

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    • Honeywell - HASMPIT - Smartpit Protocal Intrfce-tran

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