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In a Nutshell...

The Vista 10P is a low-end, economical Vista Panel that still comes with many great security features. It supports 6 hardwired zones, 16 wireless zones, and allows for up to 16 programmable user codes. The panel is connected to an AC transformer and a backup battery power supply. The circuit board is housed inside a metal cabinet and can support a myriad of Honeywell security devices, including alarm keypads, alarm sirens, door/window contacts, motion detectors, and wireless receivers.

Check out some Vista 10P FAQs.

Supports 22 total zones...

Vista 10P can support a maximum of 6 hardwired zones. It is not compatible with zone expanders, like the 4219, or two-wire smoke detectors. However, it does work with Honeywell wireless receivers, like the 5881ENM, to access the panel's 16 wireless zones. With the help of a wireless receiver, the panel supports up to 8 key fobs that can be used to arm/disarm the security system remotely.

Compatible with hardwired and wireless keypads...

The Vista 10P requires the installation of an alphanumeric keypad for basic programming. The 6160 Keypad comes highly recommended because of its ability to handle both basic and complex zone programming. Many users opt for the 6160RF keypad because it can perform full-system programming and help the panel access all 16 wireless zones with its built-in 5881ENH wireless receiver. The Vista 10P doesn't support graphic touchscreen keypads, like the Tuxedo Touch.

Works with Internet and Cellular communicators...

The Vista 10P can be outfitted with the 7847i Internet Communicator, which allows the system to work with Honeywell's Total Connect interactive monitoring service. Cellular communicators, like the GSMX, are compatible with the panel. For dual-path communication with central station, the iGSMV can be installed. This creates reliable backup lines of communication in case your telephone line becomes damaged or cut.

Uses AC and backup battery power...

The Vista 10P is outfitted with both a plug-in AC transformer and a sealed lead-acid backup battery. The backup battery is designed to keep the panel running even during a power outage.


  • Great security system at an affordable price
  • Includes many of the same features as the higher Vista Panels
  • Capable of dual-path internet/cellular communication


  • Does not support graphic touchscreen keypads or two-wire smoke detectors, but the Vista 20P does

Also known as

  • Honeywell - VISTA-10P - Expand, 6zone, Plus, Series