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Honeywell Ademco VISTA-21IP Control Panel w/ Onboard IP Communicator

Honeywell Ademco VISTA-21IP Control Panel w/ Onboard IP Communicator
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Honeywell Ademco VISTA-21IP Control Panel w/ Onboard IP Communicator


The Vista 21iP Control Panel is the Vista 20P's big brother.

Honeywell's high capacity, feature-rich VISTA-21iP lets you deliver more value to your customers on each and every sale. The VISTA-21iP provides up to 48 zones of protection, an on-board IP connection, graphic keypad support and dual partitions.

The VISTA-21iP gives you the ability to send alarm signals and upload/download via an Internet Protocol (IP), improving the speed at which information can be delivered to and from the control panel.

When used with an optional AlarmNet GSM that snaps right on the board, the VISTA-21iP can be installed in premises without TELCO lines - guaranteeing communication independent of any infrastructure. The panel's installation advantages, innovative end-user benefits, and robust system capacity make the value-priced VISTA-21iP an ideal choice for higher-end installations.

In a Nutshell...

The Vista 21iP combines the versatility and security features of the Vista 20P with a built-in 7847i IP communicator. The panel supports a maximum of 48 zones, 2 partitions, and Honeywell offers GSM4G communicator specifically designed to snap directly onto the panel. The panel is connected to an AC transformer and a backup battery power supply. The circuit board is contained within a beige, metal cabinet and can support many Honeywell security devices, like alarm keypads, alarm sirens, window contacts, motion sensors, and wireless receivers.

Take a look at some FAQs about the Vista 21iP.

Has a built-in 7847i IP Communicator...

The Vista 21iP comes with a 7847i IP Communicator built directly onto the panel, which makes it compatible with Honeywell's Total Connect service. This acts as a second line of communication with your central monitoring station in addition to the traditional phone dialer. Moreover, Honeywell has developed the GSM4G cellular communicator to work specifically with the Vista 21iP as a third line of backup communication. Should the power go out and your phone lines become damaged, the GSM4G would continue communicating to central station via a wireless, cellular network, making sure you and your family are still protected.

Supports 48 total zones...

The Vista 21iP can support 8 hardwired zones and up to 40 wireless zones with the help of a wireless receiver, like the 5881ENH. To increase the number of available hardwired zones, the 4219 8-zone expander can be installed in multiples until the full 48 zones are reached.

Compatible with hardwired and wireless keypads...

The Vista 21iP requires the installation of a keypad for basic programming. Wired, alphanumeric keypads, like the 6160 are strongly suggested because of their ability to handle both basic and complex zone programming. The 6160RF keypad is an extremely popular choice because it gives you full-programming capability with a built-in 5881ENH wireless receiver that allows the user to access the system's 40 wireless zones. The Vista 21iP works with up to 8 console keypads, 4 touchscreen keypads, like the Tuxedo Touch, and 16 wireless key fob buttons.

Click here for instructions on how to program your keypad with the proper device address.

Users can program 2 system partitions...

The Vista 21iP gives the user the ability to establish two separate areas of protection within a single location (i.e. a house and a garage). Each area of protection has its own sensors, detectors, and user codes, but both partitions are still overseen by one Vista 21iP Control Panel.

Click here for more on how partitions work.

Can operate off of AC and battery power...

The Vista 21iP is outfitted with both a plug-in AC transformer and a 12VDC sealed lead-acid backup battery. The backup battery is designed to provide power to the control panel during a power outage.

    Also known as

    • Honeywell - VISTA-21IP - 8 Zn Integrated Ip Cntrl Panel

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